Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Tuesday 2.5

We had fairly good nights sleep, still a few rumblings, but believe it or not, we have almost gotten used to it! Many people still slept outside out of fear of falling homes. If you could see them you would understand.

Things are back to pretty much normal at the market and stores. They have cleaned up, and I use that term lightly, but most are open for business. JP's wife did not work today because the store she worked at is still closed.

While Ed did some preparation for our work today, all us guys hand carried bricks to prepare for the repairing of the fallen wall. These bricks are not your "hard as a rock American bricks". They break very easily, about a third of them were in pieces.

Ed did some shopping for materials today for repairs on Tracy's Heart. He found an 80 gallon water heater, some faucets, some piping but still lacking on some connectors that they are trying to track down.

The bathroom was almost beyond words, Dennis and Jim jumped in and drained the shallow concrete basin that remained of the tub that was taken out. They cut metal pipes and removed a non-working toilet. Mick, Dutch and I did some painting in the kitchen and living room. Paul and Chu Chu one of the Congolese guys from the church repaired the metal corrugated roof with new nails, replacing some pieces and patching quite a few holes.

Some of the rape victims came to meet us today. Diadota one of the rape victims that has been helped by Tracy's Heart has become a Christian and worshiped with us on Sunday. She had a smile that was electric. They brought a new victim from the bush with a little baby boy that was quite sick. He had a "tumor" like growth. Her name was Bernadette. She was terrified to come in the yard, but the other women helped her. By the time we had talked and made her welcome she was willing to let us pray for her and the little boy. Brenda arranged for her to be taken to a doctor for an exam for $15. It will be a $1,000 for operating on the little boy we found out later this afternoon. They are going to try and find a less expensive place that will do the surgery.

We learned today that the word for strong in Swahili is "engufu"; that is what they keep calling Dennis. We like that new nickname only we think it is a little closer to "goofy" than he would like to be called! Don't worry Rita we are taking good care of your man.

We had our first taste of a local food for lunch today; it was called Sombosa. They were a little like egg rolls only a lot more spicy. We enjoyed!

JP is going downtown to renew our visas for another seven days. We bought airfare from Bukavu to Kigali. We all decided that the short airplane trip would be a little better than the six hour van ride back through the Rhwanda mountains. We will see! Don't be nervous Bob Brown, we are told they are very reliable planes. I must say, the risk couldn't be much worse than that van ride we took! I can't even describe the wild ride and all the dodging of people alongside the roads.

It is 7:35 pm here in Bukavu. We were having our devotions on Mt. 6:25 ff. "Do not worry about your life...." and a sudden quake hit. We are not positive, but it was real close to the power of the first one. We were all ready to head for the door and it began to settle down. We are really concerned for the poor people here who have already lost their homes. There is a volcano about 60 miles north of here and some are concerned about that. Wow, this has been a little more than what we bargained for! I don't want to overly concern you folks in Terre Haute, but this is quite a local tragedy. People don't have much before this started, now there have been people sleeping outside for the last three days.

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tracydr said...

Thank you so much for the reports. It is nice to see what is happening there and to know that everyone is safe. If you receive our comments, please pass on to Denny that his daughters are reading your blog. We're thrilled that we can keep tabs and make sure he is behaving. Please send him (and the rest of the group) our best wishes from California and Terre Haute. It's great to be able to see the photos and keep up to date on how everyone is doing. Don't let him get too "goofy". Everyone is in our thoughts and prayers...