Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Update on Offering

With the extra money we raised last Sunday for the earthquake relief, we were able to help repair one of the pastor's houses that was heavily damaged.

His name isRutakangwa Murhula. His house was totally destroyed in the earthquake. He received $60 to get his family into a rental house for 6 months but needs to rebuild. He has given me an estimate of $813 for all of the material and labor to get it done. This would be a house made from poles to which bamboo strips would be attached inside and out so that in between they can put small rocks and then coat with a layer of mud. It would have a metal roof.

He has come to work here every day since he got the $60 so he could help with the building of the wall without expecting any pay in return.

Thanks to those who gave and now have seen a blessing from the Lord!

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