Friday, February 08, 2008

Thursday 2.7

We had a quiet nights sleep! No tremors after four days. We are all relieved.

We divided and conquered today. Some went to Tracy's Heart to finish some plumbing, painting and tile work. The bathroom there is really beginning to look nice. New toilet, shower, hot-water heater, tile and fresh paint.

The others worked at the Mission House (where Ed and Brenda live and we are staying). Paul and Chu Chu did their high wire act on the roof. Lots of repairing of nails on the tin roof, patching and replacing some well worn pieces. Don't worry Kerri, we yelled at him real hard! The pictures make it look a lot worse than what it was (he told me to say that). Scot Telle wanted some creative shots, how about that one of Chu Chu! Looks like he is really a magical man! (Eat your heart out Jim Avelis---now that was a shot!)

Dutch, Jim and Mick took a cabinet out of the attic, lowering through the ceiling, yes that is what I said, and putting it in the kitchen (Mick and I caught it!). Now Brenda has some nice storage space. A mason put a tile top on the sink and it really brightened it up with a fresh coat of paint thanks to Mick and Dutch.

Dennis did some finish up plumbing and hung a really nice mirror in Ed and Brenda's bedroom.

Brenda and I worked hard at trying to get the blog up at the internet cafe this morning. Spent and hour and a half trying to get things done on the blog. Was only able to get one picture and the words. Very very frustrating. But as they say TIA (that is Africa). Hopefully I can get more uploaded today.

This afternoon Ed arranged for about seven guys to come by the house and show us their things for sale. This is much easier and less of a problem than if we all went to the market. Ed and Brenda did the bargaining for us and we all made some purchases for loved ones----yes, some of you reading this. Won't tell you what, but we got some really nice things that we were grateful for the help the Buell's provided. It was a pretty wild and crazy place on the lawn as they all had their things for sale all scattered out for us to see. We really hated not being able to buy something from each of them. They need the income so badly.

Four ladies and a baby came to see Brenda today. The baby had fallen during the earthquake and hit his head. They sang and prayed and asked God to protect the little boy. The songs and prayers in Swahili were a pleasing sound to God and to us.

Today we feel like we have made some great progress. We are getting a little frustrated that we can't get as much done as we had expected but everything just takes so long! Between the purchase and the travel it is not like going to Lowe's or Walmart!

Dido, the driver the Buell's have hired for us to run us around, told me today through Brenda that he felt bad about the way he is beating us up in all trips on the rough roads! He says it really wears him out each day as he drives. If you all only could experience a two mile trip in a taxi in Bukavu you would understand.

We had some fresh tomatoes for lunch today from the market that you all in Indiana would just die for! Fresh from the vine and delicious. The passion fruit juice and pineapples are wonderful. We eat a lot of rice, they grow it hear and it is a real staple. The sauce that the cook makes to pour on it is delicious, have no idea what it is make of. Of course Denny and I manage a nice cup of Starbucks at 3pm-----when we can! Had to bring an American staple with us!

Ed led us in a devotion from James 1:2-3 on " Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds,
because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance." Here was a comment he made that really struck home to us. "pure joy is not the absence of pain, it is the presence of God."

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