Monday, February 11, 2008

Sopo's Housse

Monday 2. 11

Today we start work on Sopo's house in the mountains. We are leaving in two crew's; the car Dido is using can only take four of us at a time.

It rained all night and we had a pretty good tremor this morning. We are praying that the conditions will be the best they can be so we can get the house all under roof before dark.

We were able to put the generator out under the new lean-to in case the electricity goes off. That was a real relief to Ed and Brenda. Brenda is so pleased with the bright newly painted dinning room at the mission house.

We are all getting the things we are leaving out of all our bags and condensing what we have for the trip back home. We will be leaving at 9 am for the Bukavu airport to take a short flight to Kigali. We will stay for about 5 hours in Kigali before our flight out to Brussels.

We have some real mixed emotions for sure. We all talked at our devotion time about where do we go from here with our partnership. We will seek the Lord's leading and work with the Eldership as they partner with Ed when he returns. On a short-term basis we will try to raise the balance of the money for the rebuilding of Sopo's house; about $1,000.

The scene of walking to Sopo's house was breathtaking. It made all our other experiences of walking in Bukavu pale in comparison. The poverty and filth was magnified by a hundred. Little shanty houses beyond description.

Sopo and Josephine were just overwhelmed with our generosity. She proudly showed me her home. We got a shot of five of the seven children at the door. You see it here on the blog. They were precious.

We drew a crowd, I would estimate between a hundred and a hundred and fifty little children just enthralled with all the "muzungo" (white man) at our house. Josephine said she had never dreamed a white person would ever be at her house let alone be so generous to them. She said several times in broken English that God had blessed her and her house was beautiful.

Denny and Paul did the lion's share of the work along with a Congolese roofing guy and his helpers. We all felt frustrated at not being able to help more. We drew more attention than help!

The view driving down the mountain was breathtaking in its beauty mixed with the raw ugliness of humanity. I am just in awe at how the two are mixed here. The lake, the mountains and the plants are simply some of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen. The sheer filth and poverty is totally contrasted against it.

We have offered a cup of cold water in the name of Jesus. It seems like a drop of water in an ocean of pain and suffering. Please Lord, multiply it a hundred fold for your glory.

The six of us ache for a beautiful people suffering from the ugly result of war and hatred.

Abba Father, love on your hurting children for us, we can't get our arms around all of them but know you can.

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