Wednesday, February 13, 2008

On our way home!

We left for home on Tuesday morning 9 am Bukavu time. We flew out of Bukavu to Kigali; interesting flight but all went well. We stayed in Kigali for 8 hours before we left for Brussels. That was quite an experience. Not your airport with a lot of conveniences! A ragged internet connection, but it did work with only two electrical outages!

We met a woman who works for the American Embassy; she is a believer and was worshiping at a church in Rwanda when the earthquake hit. We share our "rock and roll" stories. She was excited about what we had done and we gave her the blog site to check it out.

Met two guys in disaster relief that were stuck at the airport; one from New York the other from L.A. They said they were going to be on Oprah on March 2; we will see if we see them!

Met to missionary ladies from Phoenix also; Dutch had a great time talking with them and sharing stories.

We arrived here in Brussels at 7:30 am Brussels time; 1:30 am Terre Haute time. Have a four hour layover before an eight hour flight to Chicago. We are glad to see some things that look like home!

I am having a great cup of Espresso Mocha; not sure what I paid for it, but it was worth it! The internet is working like a charm and I am in a little bit of heaven until we real set foot of the mother land! Not looking forward to more airtime, but if that is what it takes! Dutch said it beats the vans and taxis in Bukavu!

See you soon!

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