Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Monday Evening 2.11

Monday evening 2.11

We had two groups of Congolese come to say good-bye to us. JP and his family was a precious time that we all deeply appreciated. What a great blessing from the Lord they were to us and continue to be to the Buell's.

Then the executive committee from Ceca 40 came had some tea and food with us. They formally thanked us from coming. Muganza, the President (Jeff & Peta), read from John 13:14-15 and told us that we had come to Congo and washed their feet. They gave us a certified thank you letter and invited us to come back any time. We likewise invited them to come to the U.S. some time. They laughed and said it was a pretty long walk and swim!

We closed out the night with a couple of more tremors, why not! We will not miss those things for sure.

None of us slept well. We were physically and emotionally exhausted. I just kept flashing back to my walk through the crowded market going to Sopo's. Then scenes of their house. Jambo'sana kept going through my head. The scene of washing feet was also on my mind. I have taught on that example many times. But this teaching to me was powerful. To say that people's feet are dirty around here and in need of attention is no overstatement for effect, it is reality.

The scenes of beautifully dressed Congolese women and smartly dressed men walking in mud and sewage will never leave my memory. The extreme measures they go through to be clean in the middle of all this dirt is exhausting.

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