Thursday, February 07, 2008

An Answered Prayer!

Wednesday 2.6

We started out at the internet cafe this morning and had a lot better success at getting on and using a good connection.

We continue to have small tremors and that always keeps you a little on the anxious side. The article I found on the BBC says it had the quake at 6.1 on the richter scale; 99 buildings down with over 200 damaged; 5 people killed. With news the way it is around here it is all hard to tell but that is the best we know.

An old friend of Brenda, Christina, came by and told her that she and her family have been sleeping on cold concrete outside. She related to us that it was ok, they still had God and he would protect and care for them. A local pastor came by and talked with Ed, he has lost his mud house in the quake and is looking for another place. Ed was able to give him $60; six months rent until they can get a new mud house built; probably about $500 or so.

I shared out of Hebrews 12:25-27 at devotions. "Once more I will shake not only the earth but also the heavens. The words, "once more" indicate the removing of what can be shaken----that is, created things---so that what cannot be shaken may remain."

We are learning what being "shaken" really means. As the earth has moved, we have been moved. Nothing and I mean nothing can remove us from the love of God. Not even an earthquake.

Wanted to update you on the little boy of Bernadette, the rape victim from the bush I mentioned. The money has been pledged by some of you folks back in the states. GOD BLESS YOU! He has been glorified. This woman's life is being touched by the love of God through His people.

We got a lot done today. Ed was back and forth with supplies and trying to find a lot of plumbing pieces.

We had glass replaced in windows. Sometimes it took some create carpentry from Paul, Dutch and Chu Chu. The guys were not impressed with the window glaze stuff we had to use but it got the job done.

Jim and Dennis did some serious plumbing. They got hot water line ran to the kitchen, a faucet in the kitchen and the water heater hung in the bathroom. They were working on the lines to the water heater and should get them pretty much finished today. A local mason was installing a bathroom stool----yes, mounted in concrete.

Sopo one of the local choir directors has been awesome painting with us and we got a second coat on three rooms.

Been without electricity since early this morning when Brenda fixed us eggs and toast, it is 3 pm and no electricity. Makes the day challenging. Lwahira (the cook at Buell's) fixed us fried rabbit, cooked carrots, and rice for dinner using charcoal and a kerosene burner. It was delicious. We had put in a hard day at it really hit hit the spot. Brenda kidded us about little bunny fu fu but we just ignored her!

We have really grown to appreciate this African brother who gets paid $12 a week to come and cook and clean for us. It costs his $4 of that to travel. Don't get it wrong, he is blessed by that. But is sure puts a new bent on the value of a dollar.

We are finding some lanterns and getting ready for our evening devotions. It has been a good day, we hope we don't do any rocking and rolling tonight.

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