Saturday, December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas

Well here is our family Christmas Picture for 2007! These kinds of moments are always a chore and quite a project as we all know. This snap shot comes from our annual Thanksgiving gathering at our home. We all try to make for Thanksgiving and sometimes we can all get together at Christmas. This year we will all make!

Sandy and I always look forward to these special moments in the year. The older we grow the more special they become! Life is short! These moments are special and are to be savored for all they are worth! Being mom had dad has been a pleasure over the years and becoming grandparents was an even deeper experince of love and amazement. How special little children are!

I kind of know what Jesus meant about the Kingdom when He compared it to being child-like. What precious and loving creatures children are! Yes, they have their moments as do we all, but by and large their innocence and joy are so much more a part of their nature.

Little LoraLei Rose is our new addition for this Christmas. Having a baby present at Christmas is really over the top in experiencing the joy and awe of this Holy Season. The Son of God came as a baby, that will never cease to amaze me!

Take time to enjoy a child this Holy Day. Remember, God graced us with His presence in the form of a squiggly baby. Cool huh.

From all of the McFarland's, Have a great Christmas!