Saturday, November 17, 2007

Heart to Heart

Just finished our first "week of prayer" at Maryland Community Church. Wow, what a mixed bunch of feelings and thoughts I have. Doing anything new is always a challenge and this certainly was no exception.

First, the Heart Center, two of our conference rooms turned into a 24/7 prayer station was really wonderful. Thanks to Steve Trine, Missy Konkey, Roberta Adams and Jack Fox! Great spaces to pray with artwork and helpful prayer guides. Many commented on how pleasant and powerful the room was for them to pray in. We had a 12 hour prayer watch yesterday and it was good but I always anticipate more people praying than actually do----a pastor would!

Our special prayer focuses had mixed reviews as would usually be the case; different topics and different leaders always lead to differences upon reception. We had a good variety of things for people to participate in and learn from. The Encounter time on Wed. night was special. Not in numbers but in atmosphere and response. This worship prayer based model is so great in providing ways for people to engage each other and the Lord.

Some things are just unknown. I am wondering how many within MCC truly have been seeking the Heart of the Father and then are taking the time to lay it over their heart. That is the spiritual goal of such activities. I know activities don't always do that, but sometimes, some people experience that. We will have at ime of GAP this Sunday---God Answers Prayer. We may hear of some great stories!