Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A new grand baby!

Wow! What a thrill to hold a newborn baby! She is the absolute most cutest and precious baby in the whole universe! I suppose you expected that from a granpa, but hey, that is what I am.

Loralei Rose Hevesy came into this big world on July 23 and I am a much better man for it! The wonder of life is so real in the touch of a newborn. Life is so precious and so soft. Sandy and I are just soaking in the pure joy of the experience and loving every miinute of it. Loralei's big sister and big brother are pretty impressed too.

A piece of my history there in my hands! It is hard to remember Cady being that little, but she was, now look at her, a mommy! Wow, how time flies! It is good, God is good. Life is good.

I am sovoring the moment. Jesus loves the little ones and yiou sure can see why! Oh Father, guard and protect the little ones. They are so helpless, they need you! Such is the Kingdom of God! How helpless are all of us compared to our God.

Well, grandpa needs to go back to cooing!