Monday, April 16, 2007

Journeys take various paths and go at a varying speed. We are reminded in scripture that we are in a marathon and not a sprint! I have to remind myself of that once in a while, don't know about you. I have been on a journey of following Jesus for over thirty seven years, it has been quite a trip. I have personally had my ups and downs and needless to say so have the folks who have been following their leader! Pastors are fellow journeymen if you will.

I believe every follower of Jesus is on a quest for a perfect relationship with Jesus, or at least a really great one! We have our moments, those are the bumps and obstacles we hit simply due to the fact we are not the best of companions. Humanity always fails in relating to divinity! It is not the other way around.

I must confess that as a leader in the body of Christ some similarities exist in the relationships we call a fellowship or the church. I honestly believe that most pastors and most church members want a great church; not a perfect one, but a really really good one. We fail at this too for the exact same reasons I mentioned above. Every fellowship of believers is made up of frail imperfect people.

As I have recently wrestled with some "emergent" and "missional" stuff as a leader I have to admit it gets a little challenging at times. Why not just be satisfied with what is? Why rock the boat? Isn't what we have ok? I sure have to admit, we have a good fellowship at Maryland but I must admit the "great" and "perfect" goal is still out there! As much as I personally want to be a better follower of Jesus, I want Maryland Community Church to be a better bride of Christ.

I kind of like what I read a few weeks ago from a blogger who was wrestling with the same kinds of things. He said, "Give me a church that has a dash of the attractional, a piece of the emergent, a block of the missional and yes, throw in some missional!"

He was just simply trying to communicate something I have aimed for in my leadership; balance. He was trying to say that all the ingredients that go into a really great church have the best of all of those church worlds and not just any one in particular. That is hard to believe at times for most of us leaders and it certainly is hard to try and develop! It is easy to me narrow and single eyed in leadership sometimes. It has to be this way or else! You can call it leagalism or whatever ism you want, but God is a whole lot more whole than we give him credit for at times!

Wholeness is what I want. I want the whole thing! God's wholeness is and always has been the goal of God's people. A united view of the whole universe, a whole concept of Man and a balanced fellowship that sees all the needs of people. Worship and Mission are not either or! Attracting people and Seeking people are not opposites! Fellowship and Outreach are not enemies! Service and being Healed are not mutually exclusive. Get my drift?

I hope so, for His sake.